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    Problem with JavaScriptFlashGateway.js and player v10.3.183?


      Hi all,


      I think I have finally tracked down why our Flash app has stopped working in player v10.3.183.  Currently we're using  JavaScriptFlashGateway.js to talk between the webpage and Flash.  This is where it's failing.  When the webpage jscript tries to call a Flash function it gives the following warning in Flash (using debugger log file):


      Warning: Failed to parse corrupt data.


      So it looks like something has changed in Flash to make JavaScriptFlashGateway not work properly.  Has anyone else noticed this behaviour?  If so do you have a solution?  Is there a new version for JavaScriptFlashGateway.js?  I've looked for one but nothing seems to be timestamped.  All versions I have found simply have a copyright of 2005 in the header comment.  If at all possible I would like to avoid changing source code and would prefer simply updating the file JavaScriptFlashGateway.js.


      Thanks for your time.