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    Creating a Customized Workflow

    Roberio Oliveira Level 1



      In order to meet our needs and fix a field reversal issue with Matrox NTSC workflow when editing clips shot in Sony XDCAM IMX, which are UFF, I started creating a new workflow.


      To do that I modified the Matrox XDCAM HD 1080i workflow. When I say workflow I am reffering to sequence preset, editing mode and encoder preset/sequence preview, as the respectives xml files. I partially succeed in this task and the exported clip was perfect. At this point I need to explain a little more the issue.


      We use Matrox MXO2, ultimatelly for compatibility reasons with our whole existing systems, and for program preview on a external monitor. I know they have many issues (quality, performance and stability), but we can't afford to replace them all (14 Axio + 24 MXO2) right now. When creating a sequence Matrox NTSC standard the exported video is blurry and we found out that the reason was the field reversal. But when creating a sequence in native APP NTSC DV the exported video is almost perfect (small definition loss). But then we have no video in MXO2 output, what becomes another huge issue for us. Exporting IMX clips from Matrox 486p sequences is a little better. Exporting them from Mainconcept IMX workflow is just perfect, but also no video output.


      I've asked Matrox for a UFF workflow to work with IMX, or a fix or workaround or anything that could allow us to deliver the highest quality possible. As I got tired to waiting, I tried to create my own workflow. It's not easy, mainly due a lack of information (we are a media company, not developers).


      As I said, I succeed in creating a workflow that meet the requirements for IMX by modifying a XDCAM 1080i workflow. But there was two issues: pixel aspect ratio and Matrox warnings about field order. Exported clip was perfect though, only in program monitor the video was a little stretched. The next day I tried to fix it, but since them I did something wrong and I can't make the video size match the frame size anymore (yes, I should have made a backup of the modified xml's and documented the changes).


      Has anyone out there ever tried to do something like that and would like to share experiences or give any advices?


      Kind Regards,