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    How I fixed the missing Flash.exe in Extension manager 5

    mafox296 Level 1

      I was surprised to see that Flash 5 was absent from the list of programs in Extension Manager 5

      First I ran

      Adobe Utilities-CS5/ExtenScript Toolkit CS5


      In the relevant section in

      Result: BridgeTalk Diagnostics



      Group = cs

      Path = D:\programs\Adobe\Creative5\Adobe Flash CS5\Flash.exe

      Display Name = Adobe Flash Pro CS5

      MsgAuthentication = ON

      MsgDigest = ON

      ESTK = OFF

      Status = (not running)

      ExeName = Flash.exe



      I noticed that the path to Flash.exe was at the same level as other creative suite programs.

      The regstry also reflected this

      my istallation put it at one extra level i.e. in

      D:\programs\Adobe\Creative5\Adobe Device Central CS5\Adobe Flash CS5\Flash.exe

      I corrected the registry entry, but this didn't help.

      Then I added the folder Adobe Flash CS5 in Creative 5.

      Into this file I put a shortcut to Flash.ext but this wasn't suffient. Finally I realized that the file XManConfig.xml, which is in the folder Configuration,

      was required so, instead of just adding this File I coppied the Configuration folder to the Adobe GFlash C5.

      The the Flash program is now present in Extension Manager, and I am now able to add extensions.


      Why the installation put the Flash.ex in a dfferent folder from the other programs in the suite I don't know, buT i didn't want to mess with the folder structure.

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          Xiaoyi Tong Adobe Employee

          I don't know why your flash was installed in "Adobe Device Central CS5". It is supposed to be installed in the same level as "Adobe Device Central CS5", in your case, "D:\programs\Adobe\Creative5". Was Flash installed by another person? Or the target directory was set to this wrong folder? Anyway, you can think "Adobe Device Central CS5" as another component or product in CS5 family, just like "Adobe Flash CS5".