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    A question about InDesign use


      I am a recently hired employee tasked to design orientation manuals for teams my employer sends overseas.  We have 3 types of teams traveling to two different countries (soon to be 4 or 5 countries).  Each manual has unique as well as common types of information to provide.  I am trying to desing a dynamic manual from which I can draw pertinent information to create a manual that is fitting for the country and task in that country.  Is InDesign the right program to use?  Currently, there are several manuals in PDF and MS publisher format from which I would glean the data for the publication.  Please, any advice will help.

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          PDF starts life as something else, and InDesing exports lovely PDF from your layout when you're ready. Publisher is Microsoft's version of a layout appliction, but can't hold a candle to ID as far as features and versatility.


          You should look up Conditional Text in the help files, as well as "Books." Both may be usefull for customizing using both common text and specialized text. Another option is to place one indesign file inside several others that will use the same information. In the subsidiary files the original will be treated im nay ways similarly to a picture, but it allows you to do all the diting onthe common material in one place, then update the other files.

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