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    DataService not handling server_update

    busitech Level 1
      It appears that DataService is not handling the UpdateCollectionMessage correctly when updateMode = server_update, and the DataService autoCommit = false.

      Our application first calls DataService.createItem, then our Assembler returns APPEND_TO_FILL on the refreshFill method call. We see the UpdateCollectionMessage being dispatched, but nothing happens to the collection on the client.

      NOTE: If we change nothing in our application except autoCommit = true, then everything works correctly. (We do not want to use autoCommit, however.)

      We regret not having the SOURCE CODE to the DataService and other enterprise components. We could have been so much more helpful to Adobe and to ourselves in troubleshooting this problem.

      We are getting quite used to being able to understand the products we work with by referring to the source to answer our own questions, and to supplement the lacking docs. Even good documentation is just not adequate to describe the minute details of software.

      Adobe, please allow us to use the source of the FDS components.