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    URL Reference to a Page

      ...how do I reference a certain 'state' or page in my flex application using a URL?

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          peterent Level 2
          A Flex application is self-contained and isn't made up of pages like an HTML site would be. Jumping into the "middle" of Flex app is difficult because we have to make sure all of the initialization takes place. For example, if your "pages" were to be children of a ViewStack, and you wanted to start into the second child, you'd have to make sure all of the components and data were available for that child to be visible and active.

          If you want to something like this, the safest thing is to design your Flex app using query parameters. Something like:


          Then in your main app you could do: if( application.parameters.goto == "page1" ) { .... } and handle the 'bookmark' using code.