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    Associate VB6 application and Robohelp

      OS = Windows XP Pro, SP2, Visual Basic 6 Enterprise Edition ; RoboHelp

      Hey Folks:

      I don't know whether I am having "Senior moments" or I just plan stupid but I am having a problem associating a VB 6 application with Robohelp files.

      I created HELP files using RoboHelp Project Type: Microsoft Compiled HTML Help. Now I have a bunch of files and a few directories that were "generated".

      I wrote a very small VB 6 application that contains 1 form ( 1-textbox and 2 command buttons). No modules--very simple and basic code. Via the VB Project Menu, I did not add any References or Components.

      How do I connect the VB application to the Help Files? If I put focus on one of the command buttons and pressed the "F1" key, how does it know to show the HELP window and bring up Topic "Command Button1".

      Are there any modules that need to be added to the project? I am just totally lost. If you have the patience and can hand-hold me through the first one, I would be forever grateful.

      Thank You,
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          OOOoooohhhh...you're in BIG trouble, as soon as Rick Stone sees this duplicate post! He HATES duplicate posts!

          See my response in the original post (and don't do this again, because Rick's reactions can get pretty scary).

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            Where are we supposed to find this "original post" you are talking about here? I ran a search because I'm having the exact same issue.

            The documentation on VB6 is not specific at all concerning hooking up the help files with applications in VB6. The Adobe support and documentation don't seem to be that much helpful either.

            Whenever you refer to an external post on your responses, make sure you include a link.

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              Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional (Moderator)
              This is precisely why we ask people not to cross post. Leon recognised this as such but why should he go to the trouble of searching for it to create that link? Those of us who support the forum are doing the same job as you and answering questions. Thus we ask people not to cross post and it is up to them, not others, to clear up the mess.

              As a new member your search criteria in your profile is probably not going back far enough so I suggest you change it.

              A search on pepisc found this link.

              Hope it helps.