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    Solo/Mute modes faulty in Audio Mixer

    Claude King Level 1

      Has anyone else noticed this bug in PP CS 5.5 Audio Mixer: When you have more than 1 audio track in your sequence, you press Solo button, and all the other tracks except the one you're soloing, should mute. Alternately, if you press Mute, just that track should mute. However, when I depress either the Mute or Solo button, they both produce the same result; the track button pressed, mutes.

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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Welcome to the forum.


          Not sure that I have seen what you describe, but remember, one can Solo several Tracks (or just one), and all others will be Muted. Also, one can Mute selected Audio Tracks, one at a time. Is that what you are seeing?


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            Claude King Level 1

            Bill, Tks for the welcome and for taking the time to read thru & replty.


            I've been a sound engineer for over 30 years. There is a world standard  as to how solo and mute work on any mixer, soft- or hardware-based, and CS 5,.5 is definitely up the pole. It works like it should in PP2.0, asnd PP-CS 4.0. The strangest thing I find is that nobody else has noticed this phenomenon?? What have you found, if you try to reproduce what I mentioned... does your solo & mute behave exactly as they should?

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              Jim_Simon Level 9

              They do in 5, but my trial of 5.5 ran out, so I can't test.

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                Claude King Level 1

                Damndest thing..! I noticed this bug while doing a big project. I am now on sequence 3 of the project, which also has 3 audio tracks. I click Solo this morning (by accident) and it works as it should. Adobe, this bug is growing bigger... please get some robo-insecticide and kill it (bit by bit, or byte!) It has given me countless unnecessary work-arounds which is time-wasting.


                Background: I honestly was'nt sure of something: I thought the buttons did work correctly at one time, but because I started this project on PP2, then moved it to CS 4, then to CS 5.5, I thought I was mistaken, and that it must've been while on PP2 or PP4 that my memory seems to recall that it worked properly. But now that I see it working properly this a.m. on PP 5.5, I believe my memory was correct, that it did indeed work properly on PP 5.5 in the beginning, then went rogue.

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                  Claude King Level 1

                  Update: 2 hours later, the Solo is back to faulty mode again, just like I explained at launch of this post.