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    Stop conversion of E-value

    kingquattro Level 1

      Hey guys,

           This wasn't a problem before, but since I have updated to Flex 4.5.  All my e-values are 0 when displayed but when passed from ColdFusion to Flex app they are in scientific notation.  I have even tried to wrap the values in single quotes, hoping that they will be treated as String but the output is always Zero. Any way to stop this from happening.  Results are being displayed in a sortable DataGrid and I understand that I will have to write a custom sort function but that another matter.




           Init search -> call to CF function

           CF runs a query, and creates a custom Struct (E-values are in Scientific notation)

           CF returns Struct to Flex (E-value are in Scientific notation, Verified in response tab of Network Monitor in Flash Player 4)

           Flex assigns event.result to ArrayCollection (Evalue displayed in Alert is Zero)

           ArrayCollection is assigned to DataGrid.dataProvider

           E-value displayed in DataGrid column is Zero



      Thanks for your help (please excuse any grammer or spelling mistakes)