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    Site Disappeared while editing through DW CS4. Help?


      I designed a new site using Dreamweaver CS4.  My web host, powweb, helped me with the configurations under Site|Management over the phone, and it showed up great on the internet!


      I then realized I misspelled a word in the index.html homepage.


      I edited it and pressed File|Save and then Site|Put.


      A pop-up asked me if I want to also transfer Dependant Files.  I clicked "Yes", and then my laptop died.  When I plugged it in, I realized my whole website had disappeared and left just a dark blue page.  I can view the new fixed index.html on MY computer, but the images are gone and so are all the links to the other pages... Others have said its just a dark blue page. Its skytopvending.com


      I called both support centers, and Adobe wants $39 for info, and powweb says everything looks fine in their system.


      I am a newbie with all of this, so please be thurough in your advice, if you can help.


      Can anyone help me fix this?


      Thanks in advance!