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    Which Framework to be selected?


      I have been working on two different applications. One Uses  Cairngorm framework and one is with out a frame work. Now these two  applications needs to be integrated as an single application. Both have  different data,UI,Views,Events etc but should be presend in same folder  structure and should use a class in common where we need to  differenciate two applications.

      To achieve that which frame work is to be used and how to use it  efficiently with less code changes? Please let me know your inputs.




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          If the application already has Cairngorm I would stick with that.  Unless of course you don't mind rewriting and wiring in a new framework.  Don't get me wrong, my hatred and vitrol towards first generation frameworks is legendary to the point songs are written about it.  But management and higher ups may not appreciate the extended time it would take to learn and implement a new framework.  The main frameworks nowadays are dependency injection based, they are Parsley, Mate, Swic and Robotlegs (which I think is actually MVC).  Look over their websites and choose the one that you feel suits your needs.

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            I agree with everything that UbuntuPenguin said.  I would clarify that all of these frameworks let you to follow an MVC architecture, not just RobotLegs.  The biggest difference in concept between Cairngorm and these frameworks is the way you access Singletons.  In Cairngorm you go out and get the singleton instance, while in these frameworks it is injected.  There is a whole lot more though. Non of them port Cairngorm very easily.


            I would venture to say that Parsley is the one that doesn't favor any particular MVC style, so it would be easier to recreate your Cairngorm concept structure, but Parsley is very Metatag dependent, so you still have port everything over.  RobotLegs is more like Cairngorm in the sense that you extend classes, but it follows a pureMVC style, which is a bit different.  It motivates you strongly to use Mediators.


            Either way you go... it's not a one day port job.


            Do some research before you make your decision.


            You can get an idea about Parsley here:



            and there are links to the other frameworks there.

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