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    Image Alteration by script


           Im new to flash and still learning. I have read several guides and followed several walkthroughs to making basic flash apps. Now i've begun attempting to make a small little game just to hone my abilitys with flash and I come to release that there is something I have absolutely no idea how to do.


           Please explain to me how to do it too so I can do it in the future instead of just throwing a complete script at me, and if more explaination is needed I will also be happy to try to better describe the goal I am trying to get out of this.


           So basically this is what im trying to do... The player is a sprite character centered in the screen. I have set it up so they player can move both left and right. When the player moves however... it is a sliding image and looks quite bad. I already have sprite files for a 6 frame 'step' for the character to do while moving but I don't know how to make it so that the script tells the game to use specific sprites while certain buttons are pressed. I also don't know how to do timing while I believe is also required for this.


           Thanks in advance for any and all help provided!