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    Cross Referencing and Page Numbers

    Brian2025 Level 1

      How can one create a dynamic cross reference?


      For example, I have a numbered list which contains the section (for example 4.1 is chapter 4, heading 1). It would like "4.1 Sample Section", but the text would just say "Sample Section".


      Now, in another chapter, I want it to say "See Section 4.1, p. 202" by somehow pointing (tagging) the 4.1 heading. First, can this be done, and second how?

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          RodneyA Level 3

          Sure you can. You'll want to look up Cross References (it defaults to showing up at the lower part of the Hyperlinks palette). Assuming you're using a fairly recent version of Indesign. Cross references can be a little screwy, so do your best, once you start setting them up, to not rename, move, or subdivide the documents into smaller ones; I've occasionally had to recreate all of the cross-references after such episodes.