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    sending values to Server Side Script, opening a new swf, which receives new data

    rohai Level 1

      I've already posted a thread with a scripts, but maybe it's too large. Anyway, please somebody, tell me, how can I send values from flash to server side script which then digs into DB to get the right data, creates xml, which is then read by new swf. I did all with function. In the main swf (system.swf) I have functions. Each function is called by buttons in different loaded swfs. What the function does is basicly this:
      it receives variable values, which are send to server side script, which then creates xml
      open a new swf, which reads the created XML

      My problem is that the server side script page opens and the swf doesn't get the xml. Please, tell me the theory of sending variables and then receiving xml in newly opened swf.THX