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    Problem copying text into InDesign


      First, let me start by apologizing for my complete lack of knowledge about anything InDesign.  I am supporting users that use InDesign, not a user myself.


      One of my users came to me with a problem that his team is having.  They are coping text out of different files (Docs, Quark, PDFs, etc.) and pasting into InDesign.  The text that they are coping is in different languages(Russian, Spanish, German, etc.)  When they create a new InDesign file, they will successfully copy text from the first file into the InDesign file.  But when they try to copy text from a different file (same language, and even same file type), the font will become garbled.  I have attached a screenshot of this issue.  Any help on this would be greatly appreciated as I can not find anything about this on Google or with these forums(probably don't know what to search for).


      Melvin InDesign Issue.jpg