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      I have CS4 v.6 and for the first time it has crashed.


      I had printed a pdf as a test the day before but do not have a saved indd copy, unfortunately.


      When I try and open it, it opens Adobe InDesign but before the document appears a balloon appears saying;


      'Cannot open "110823 41 Millharbour.indd"

      The file "110823 41 Millharbour.indd" is damaged and cannot be recovered

      (Error code:5)' 


      Rather than copy each page of the pdf into a new file can I recover the version with error 5?


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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          This is almost always a fatal error. Try opening as a copy, but expect the same result.


          The best bet is usually to use the Markzware ID2Q/Q2ID conversion method for file recovery. You need both ID and Quark, and the Markzware plugins for both, to do it yourself, or Markzware will attempt the recovery for you for a fee (last I knew it was about $200, no success-no charge), so you should weigh that against the cost of rebuilding from scratch or the last good backup version. Fix Your Bad InDesign Files!