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    Setting the language for runtime error messages

    Scott R. Hamilton

      I'm running Flash Builder 4.5 and am getting runtime error messages in German. The machine I work on has the locale set to German at the OS level but I want error messages in the Flash environment to be generated in English.


      There used to be a post on this but it is impossible to find due to the way that the Search function works from within the Adobe forums. If you are positioned in a particular forum, say Using Flash Builder and enter an argument into the Search Forums text control results are returned for all forums i.e. hundreds of unrelated results. If you change the search options to limit the search to Using Flash Builder you get 0 results even though there were posts in the forum containing the search argument.


      BTW, I tried making the change to jvm.config, adding   -Duser.language=en -Duser.region=US to the java.args= directive, but to no avail.