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    Sending/Sharing/Linking Individual WebHelp topics

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      RH9 - webhelp - parent and 4 child projects


      Is there a recommended (if any) way for a user to "share" a help topic by either downloading it as a file of some type, or by getting a link that would be (for lack of a better word) "internally consistent" regardless of the actual URL of where the user's webhelp has been installed?


      Right now, we can copy and past into an email, which is fine but loses a lot of formatting. I tried saving a page using the standard browser save feature and several different formats (complete page, html only page, etc.), but when I try to open them either files are missing or it freezes the browser. Although saving only the topic frame as a complete page does work, I'm not sure it's the best solution.


      Are there other options to consider? We're new to webhelp so apologies if I'm overlooking a rather simple solution.