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    Sluggish Flash Builder 4.5.1 performance on Mac OS X Lion

    Tangent Lin Level 1

      I recently acquired an iMac with Core i7 3.4GHz CPU, 8GB of RAM.  The system is brand new with nothing but Flash Builder installed.  I have similar setup on Windows which is running on an 3-yo laptop sporting Win7 x64, 1.6GHz low voltage Core 2 Duo CPU and 8GB of RAM.  Since the laptop is my primary computer, so it is constantly running other apps such as Outlook, Doc, etc.


      My project consists of 3 library projects and two application projects on Mac.  I have set the IDE to turn off automatic build as building the application takes more than a few seconds.  To my surprise, I notice any changes made to the application or library, Mac OS X takes significantly longer time to compile the application.


      I wonder if this is a known issue on Mac OS X Lion, or if there is anyway to improve Flex compiler performance on Mac.