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    font size bigger than expected

    techy kate Level 1

      Before I record a project, I always adjust my default settings for caption properties. One of those is that I want the font size for the default caption to be 20. Then I record the project, and when the slides display in Captivate, all of the default captions have a font size of 31. This has happened ever since I started using C5, but I didn't worry about it because I could open up the preferences and change the properties again and click Apply. Captivate would then update all of my captions using the new settings. However, when I recorded my last project, this didn't work. All of the fonts are 31 and I can't figure out how to change them universally.


      I tried changing one of the captions, creating a new style based on the caption, and then applying the change to all default captions, but none of them changed.


      Any suggestions on how I can a) change my current settings and b) get Captivate to stop changing the font size during recording?


      (It also happens with Quiz Titles... I will set the font size to 60 and it ends up being 81.)