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    Best folder organization of PP 5.5


      This is my 1st post here and would like to ask for some advice.  I just bought a new computer and just installed Production Premium CS 5.5 for Windows.  What is the best way to get organized before I start to use CS 5.5 as far as what folders to create and where?  I do have some experience on how to use the programs, but, old my old system, I ran into issues of finding where my footage and audio was located on my computer.  Since this is a new start I want to make sure I keep organized before I start capturing video.  Should I just keep the organization that Adobe provides of should I make my own folders?  I will be editing footage in Premier for a local weekly show that will be promoting bands and music in our area.  There will be some use of AE and Audition also.  So how would you guys set this up if you had the chance to start anew?