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    ATi 2600 HD and GTX285

      Hi  guys,  got a couple of question...I'm running Resolve and Premiere 5.0  on a Mac Pro 2008 dual 2.8GHz (Mac Version 3.1)..now I install an ATi  2600 on slot 2 and Nvidia GTX285 slot 1. Resolve require that I don't  connect a monitor to the GTX285 and use the ATi 2600 as my  GUI..everything seem to be working. Does PR automatically recognize that  I have a CUDA card which my GTX285..because when i open up the  preferences it show that Mercury Engine is set to GPU...is this correct?
      When I open Primiere my monitor it is hook up to the  the ATi 2600 and nothing is connect to the GTx285..fyi and it show the  Mercury Engine is set to GPU. I appreciate any comments..thanks
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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Remove everything ATI/AMD and only leave the 285 installed.

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            Mr.Yem Level 1

            Hi THanks for the answer...right now the reason i'm using the ATi is that I;m waiting for my Nvidia GT120. I see where u coming to remove my ATi card..but when i switch to Resolve i can't have nothing connect to the GTX285 because it my GPU for processing and RESOVLE require that nothing should be connect to it..if there a monitor connect to this GPU resolve wouldn't run that what Black Magic Design said on it configuration page.