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    Install Flash Builder 4.5.x Upgrade without Flex Builder 3.x installed?

    Cindered Monkey

      Edit: Is the lack of replies because no one knows the answer or because this was a ridiculously dumb question?

      Also, if I must have a prior version physically installed to do the upgrade, can I install Flex Builder 3 on a temp Windows machine, upgrade that to Flash Builder 4.5.x and then transfer the license to the MacBook? Seems like a very convoluted way of doing things but if that's the only way then I suppose I can go scrounge up a spare computer to do so. End Edit




      I just got a brand new MacBook Air which has Lion on it.

      I have an unused boxed copy of Flex Builder 3.0 standard edition.

      I tried to install 3.0 and of course I got an error along the lines of not compatible.


      What I would like to do is upgrade to Flash Builder 4.5.

      So the question is,

      Can I buy the upgrade edition of Flash Builder 4.5 standard for Mac, then install that on my MacBook even if I don't have 3.0 installed to upgrade from?

      Is it as simple of just supplying the seriel number from 3.0 when upgrading?




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