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    device set up assistant


      I just downloaded this and it said the set up assistant would start automatically.  It didn't.  How do I get to it so I can put in my ID and be able to load books to my eReader?

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          I thin you might have missed a step or two.  I'll repeat them, but if you've

          already done things in this order, forgive me for telling you what you

          already know.


          First, you should go to Adobe and register with them.  That's the point

          where you will create an Adobe ID and password.  Then, after registration,

          you should download ADE (Adobe will put your ID and password in the ADE

          files it downloads).  At that point, you will set up ADE.


          Once you've done that, you need to go through a similar process with your

          ereader - going to the manufacturer's website and registering the ereader

          with them.  Plug in the ereader via USB to your computer and make sure that

          your computer recognizes the device as an external hard drive.  Then, go to

          the website.  It's important to use your Adobe ID and password here also, as

          the manufacturer's website will put that information in the registration

          file on the ereader.


          After registering your ereader, close the manufacturer's website, and start

          ADE.  It 'should' recognize your ereader and put its name in the bookshelf

          section (left hand panel) of its Library view.  When it does, then you can

          drag and drop ebooks from ADE to it.


          To finish the thought, when you have finished transferring ebooks, close ADE

          normally, and wait until your ereader tells you that it's done synchronizing

          or updating itself with the new information.  Then, "eject" the ereader from

          your computer by telling your computer that you want to detach it.  You do

          this via MyComputer in Windows (or via the small icon in the right hand

          corner of your status bar at the bottom of the screen).  I don't know the

          procedure on the MAC - sorry.  After the computer tells you it's safe to

          remove the hardware, unplug the ereader from your computer, and you can

          start reading.


          Hope this helps!


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            karenthor Level 1

            Thanks!  It seems as if once I got my Adobe ID and entered it, everything just worked.  I didn't need any set up assistant and I didn't need to do anything with the eReader.  It automatically downloaded the books, loaded them into the eReader library and when I attached the eReader, it automatically downloaded them.  All very simple and painless. I guess the only real problem I had was that Adobe technical support didn't give me the correct instructions.  No "Set Up Assistant" was ever needed.  It's very cool to be able to download books from the library!