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    moving sprite slowly using lingo?

    Abhilash M

      How to move sprites slowly from one point A to another point B? I'm using lingo to achieve this. I tried ease-in and ease-out but no solution.

      Here i'm moving a square from one point and again restoring back upon a mouse click. How to show slow movement of sprite in below scenario?



      on mouseUp me

         if sprite("pipe").locH = 360 then

           sprite("pipe").loc = point(802, 122)


           sprite("pipe").loc = point(360, 320)

         end if




      I'm new to director and hope to learn more from you people. Thanks!

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          MECS Level 1

          You can set up a counter to increment a variable called x 1 count at a time, for example, and use a "repeat while x <100000" loop to continue moving the sprite a point at a time.  100000 may not be the right number to get the slow speed you want, but you can easily experiment with that number to get it right.  You can also move the sprite more than 1 point at a time, but the fewer points you use each time, the smoother your animation will be.

          You can also count "ticks" to do the same thing as incrementing a counter, if you prefer.  Consult your Help file for syntax on the counter, on using "ticks", and on using a "repeat while" loop.