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    why did render just change my PAR?

    Keith_Clark Level 2

      so i just got a new webcam and have been testing things. i recorded a quick test in 1080p, imported it into PrPro, i then dragged the clip to a new sequence. so far so good. played...ok... but it had a yellow line and was a LITTLE bit laggy. so i chose "render entire work area" to see if that fixed it, when it completed and changed to a green line, theres 2 black bars, and it doesnt appear progressive any longer, (lots of flicker)? un rendered its straight 16x9, but after its rendered it stretches the video horizontally to where it looks like the video is now in 2.33:1, but its the same 16x9 video... its just stretched more. i chose to delete the rendered file, goes back to yellow line, and video bounces back to true 16x9... what gives? why is it stretching out? i dragged and dropped to new sequence so the sequence matches ever setting of the actual video.