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    Changing default duration of many stills at once


      Searched old threads for this and cannot find definite answer. I have 100 stills in my project view, they were imported with the default 5 second (150 frame) duration.


      Before dropping them into the scene line I want to change all of the defaults to (say) 3 seconds (90 frames). Changing the Preferences (General) "Still Image default duration" to 90 does nothing... images dropped into the scene line run for 5 seconds. I can change them one at a time (ugh!). Multi-select in the project list does not give the option to set the duration on multiple images at once.


      Please don't tell me I have to re-import and re-organize all my images...!


      Thanks for any tips...


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          Mark000111222 Level 1

          Never mind, found this note in the help:


          Note: Changing the default duration of still images does not affect the duration of still images that are already in the Timeline or Sceneline, or in the Project view. To apply the new default length to all still images in your project, delete them from Project view and reimport them into your project.


          Yikes. After spending an hour getting my project view setup into nice folders and all...

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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Yes, Mark, that is a limitation in PrE. It was the same for PrPro, but as of CS 5 (IIRC), one can now make that change IN the Project Panel.


            Though I know that limitation, I often change my Preferences>Still Duration for various operations - and then forget to switch it back! I have Imported dozens of Stills, only to realize my mistake. Glad that PrPro now lets me make that relatively simple change in the Project Panel, and with groups of Selected Stills.


            Do not know if this little change will find its way into PrE 10, but it should.


            Good luck,



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