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    Data Type "Category" is already in use with a different RemoteClass

    Amy Blankenship Level 4

      I have written a php based service.


      One method returns Category objects, and another returns Coupon objects, each of which has an Insert object and a Category Object.  Not knowing any better, I started configuring returns with my getCategories() method, and this auto generated my Category Class.  When I went to configure the getCoupons() method, I got the message Data Type "Category" is already in use with a different RemoteClass.


      I knew that I would have the same issue with Inserts, so I sez to myself "Self, why not just delete Category and let Flex make it again, and also make the Coupon and the Insert, and then just configure the getCategories and getInserts service to use those data types."  Self is now really mad at me, because when she deleted Category (and its auto generated weirdo sisters), even getCategories now says the same thing.  Clearly, someone remembers our dear, departed Category object, but I am not sure who?.


      How do I get a clean slate to start over?