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    Hard Drive Setup


      I am trying to understand the best HDD setup for Premiere video editing.  I will be doing editing for web HD mostly using GoPro 720p and dslr 720p video.


      I just ordered a couple Samsung F3 7200 1TB hard drives to add for editing, and was wondering what the best Premiere peformance setup would be.

      I also have a couple 250gig 5400 hard drives I'm currently using, and its slow.  


      Should I RAID 0 the two 1TB hard drives and use the for everything? or one for Source and One for Scratch, or can I get away with using a 250 gig hard drive for a scratch/other disc and sitll RAID the new drives together for Source?   I am open for any layout ideas you have, I just don't understand what types of sizes/speeds are best for each 'function' within premiere.