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    Playback Issues Quadro 4000 MAC CS5.5

    s t ramsey

      Purchased the Quadro 4000 and love what is does with Premiere except:

      During playback at some random point (generally when I have asked too much of the card) video starts to have what looks like a strobe effect. At that point there is nothing I can do short of re-booting the computer to solve the issue. I am using an HP 2709 27" monitor for playback. After the stutter (strobe) starts even if I render the sequence it still looks the same.


      Screen shot 2011-08-25 at 5.22.58 PM.png

      Screen shot 2011-08-25 at 5.22.03 PM.png


      I have replaced the card, uninstalled aja drivers, and at this point I am at somewhat of a loss.

      Any advice would be appreciated.