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    How do I create a glossary in RH9 without typing all the terms & defs?

    A Avallone

      I have searched all available doc and this is what I've tried:


      Linking to a Word 2010 doc with just the glossary

      Linking to a Word 2010 doc with glossary appended to existing topic

      (For both of the above, I chose "convert glossary" in settings AND used unique Word paragraph styles not used anywhere else in my project--mapped one to glossary term and one to glossary definition.)


      What I got:


      In both cases, the glossary came through as a topic (or added to the existing topic when appended), but what am I failing to do to get the glossary to be recognized as a glossary?


      P.S. I hand entered one term and it generates just fine. However, in any of the settings locations where there's a choice to "Add to existing glossary" or "Create new," I notice that the "add" feature is grayed out.  Is this a clue...or a random, unrelated issue?