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    ADE and connecting a Nook?


      How can I get ADE to recognize Nook? I have followed all instructions, including connecting and reconnecting all cables and powering on and off both Nook and computer.  It just won't recognize the Nook.

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          Frustrated in AZ Level 4

          I don't know what instructions you've followed, so let me start at the

          beginning.  I'll assume a Windows PC.  I'll assume also that you've logged

          onto the Adobe website and used an Adobe ID and password to download ADE to

          your computer.


          When you unpack your Nook, it comes ready to be registered with B&N.  You

          should hook it up to its power cord and when it wakes up, then plug in the

          USB cord and connect it to your computer.  Your computer should recognize

          it, get it ready to use and then tell you that you now have a new external

          hard drive that's ready to use.  The Nook screen should tell you it's hooked

          up to your computer as well.


          With the Nook in this state, log onto the B&N site and register your Nook.

          Use your Adobe ID and password - it makes things much easier.  The B&N site

          will register the Nook, and write a small authorization file to it.  Once

          the process is done, you can log off B&N.  Wait a moment for the Nook to

          show it's disconnected from the B&N website.


          Then, open ADE.  It should recognize your Nook and put it on the bookshelf

          in the Library view.  If this doesn't happen, several messages could be

          generated, and I don't see any of them in your post.  So, if you've done all

          of this and it's not working, what is ADE telling you - if anything?



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            luvsbooks Level 1

            Thank you so much for your reply.  I may be one step closer, not sure.  I

            tried the reverse steps you suggested and at least the computer is

            recognizing the nook but calls it a camera (?) The nook said it saw the

            computer in a pop up, but now it doesn't.   I don't know but will keep



            Thanks again,