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    Auto Caption not working

      Hi All,

      I have recently installed adobe captivate 2. The problem that I am facing is that when I record something in "Demonstration" mode, then text captions are not added automatically. I have enabled auto recording and in the settings of the recording mode "Automatically Add Text Captions" is also selected. But when I record, for instance the sequence for going to run command in the start menu, no captions are added. I know how to add it manually, but I have to record a lot of stuff and doing it manually won't be a feasable solution. Please your help will be greatly appreciated.
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          CatBandit Level 3
          Hi umsheikh,
          That odd-ball behavior has actually happened to me and Adobe couldn't figure it out. I fixed it successfully, but since no one else could duplicate the problem (at that time - 6 months ago), you will have to take my "fix" only as a "possible". That said ...

          I had added new software to my machine (Adobe's "Soundbooth Beta") after installing Captivate 2.0, and had designated it as the default audio editor via the Captivate 2.0 library (Right-click > "Open with ...") command. When I removed "Soundbooth", the problem with my auto-added captions was fixed. I later reinstalled "Soundbooth" but do not use it as my default audio editor any more, and have never again had the problem.

          Just a shot in the dark ...