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    How to zoom and scroll using TileGroup for flex 4.5 mobile app?



      I created a TileGroup with 4x4 tiles (16 images). This is my initial image. My requirement is the user can zoom to 5 levels.


      When he zooms to 1st level, I need to change the number of images from 4x4 to 8x8 (64 images)

      When he zooms to 2nd level, I need to change the number of images from 8x8 to 16x16 (256 images) and so on


      The user can scroll the combined tiled image at any point of time. He can zoom in or zoom out also.


      I have different set of images per zoom (for eg., map tiles)


      1st zoom - you see only the cities

      2nd zoom - you see the areas

      3rd zoom - you see the street info etc...



      I need to know how to identify the zoom pinch and change the tile image sets each time using TileGroup?

      Plus is there are any option to scroll the TileGroup? [ Scroller and TileGroup combination - will it work?]


      Is there any other better way to do the same?

      Is there any sample to implement this concept?