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    Flash Menu

      H ithere,

      I am trying to build a flash menu, I have seen the same sort of menu before basically if a person rolls over a button the menu will slide up. Then when the mouse moves up or down while the menu is out, it will scroll up or down. Also the further away a submenu item is from the mouse its alpha will be dropped down.

      When the user hovers over a button for a few seconds I then want that button to drop down vertically to display a little more information about the button in question. I am confident about doing this part of it, the biggest part that bothers me is moving all the buttons below the one in question down to make room for the new information. I was thinking if I had another movieClip in the menu that I could attach all the buttons below the one in question to and move them down by controlling this movie clip then that would work.

      I have done a test and you can assign _parent = anotherMovieClip, but when you drag the dynamically referenced parent, the child does not move with it. Does anyone have any ideas on how to create this sort of menu or any examples out there?

      Cheers and all the best