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    FB4.5 Code Completion Very Slow

    TheDarkIn1978 Level 1

      i'm use to writing all of my code in Flash Professional in package level classes.  in fact, i haven't used the timeline in years as i've doing almost everything in code.  so following the advice of others i've decided to make the jump to Flash Builder.


      the main issue i'm having with Flash Builder 4.5 is that code completion takes about a second to show up, while in Flash Professional CS5 it's instant.  for example, if i've declared a new object of type Shape:


      var s:Shape = new Shape();

      s. //[code completion here]


      as soon as i write "s." i immediately expect to see all possible methods and functions of the Shape class as is the case while using Flash Professional CS5.  however, Flash Builder 4.5 there is a significant delay.


      additionally, i've become use to quickly filtering the code completion possibilities by entering the first few letters of the desired method or function of the instance.  so using the previous example, if i wanted "graphics" i would often type:



      var s:Shape = new Shape();

      s.gra //[code completion here] then press tap or return to finish.



      all of this works perfectly in Flash Professional CS5, which i've been told countless times that it is a far inferior to Flash Builder for code editing.  but in Flash Builder 4.5 if i start typing "s.gra" no code editing appears at all!  i'm literally forced to wait for the code hinting window to populate after i type "s." before i can start to type "gra" to have the editor complete "graphics" for me.


      for Flash Builder's most basic editing features to be (as far as i can see) much inferior to Flash Professional, it is quite shocking.  i'm hoping there is a fix for this.