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    SpryValidation Text field


      Hi, everybody,


      I am trying to use SpryValidationText field for an excersise, student should insert the right name of a child on a playground. See the picture, please.

      But there are some problems:

      1. Is there a way to use Enter and not Tab?

      2. There is no order in which a student should enter the text. So I would like to avoid cursor to go in "next" text field.

      3. Regarding I will use at least 10 SpryValidation Text fields, I would like to use my words and colour and all that I changed (Custom, CharWidth), same for all of them. Since I do not know how, now I have to arrange each one separately. I have SpryAssets map for this excersise (this map only).

      And since I intend to make more excersise of this type, I would like to have a default spry Vidget as I wish to use.



      Thank you!