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    RH7: Is it possible to insert (import) an existing project into another project w/o needing Word?

    Boggym Level 1

      Hi everybody,


      I would have a question regarding the import of a project in RH7 into another existing project also in RH7.

      Right now I saw as the only way to import would be to export the to be imported project as a Word document, and importing it afterwards in the other RH7 project. As the importing is also doing a lot of formatting that I do not want, I have to remove that formatting which requires a lot of time. Also regarding the topics, though I specified in the importing setup that I want from each heading a separate topic, it makes a larger topic with the other topics as bookmarks which I do not want, as I am breaking this large topic into smaller ones, which was the original structure of the imported project.

      This requires a lot of time spent, and I would like to avoid that, if possible.

      Does anybody know about another procedure that does not require that much amount of time?


      Thank you