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    Video importing as audio only (Help a sad, poor, unfortunate, little newbie?)


      Just downloaded Premier CS5.5.  I'm a total newbie.  I imported some photos and a little video (.mov) in the project panel.  Unfortunately, it imported the video as audio only.  It shows that it has frames and I can watch the video in windows media player just fine, but Premiere only brings it in as audio.  When I used to use Premiere Elements, this worked just fine.


      How do I bring this clip in and have Premiere recognize it as video with audio?  WHAT DO I DO TO FIX IT?


      Oh, and I know that .mov is just a wrapper and not the codec, but I just totally need help figuring out what to do.  The video is from a Panasonic Lumix FH-20.


      Just in case it makes a difference, I'm running CS5.5 on Windows 7 on a BLAZING FAST HP desktop.


      Thanks!  I appreciate you geniuses sharing your genius with a newbie.