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    Insert symbol from dropdown list that requires font change

    DKinsley Level 1

      I am trying to script the following:


      I have a dropdown list set to GDT font which contains symbols. (GDT font creates symbols with various lower case letters are entered)


      When selecting a symbol from the dropdown list, I want that symbol to be inserted into the textfield where I stopped typing text and the cursor is currently positioned. The text I typed is using the Myriad Pro font, so to insert the symbol, the script needs to change the font to GDT without affecting the text font that is already typed in the textfield, insert the GDT font symbol and then change the GDT font back to Myriad Pro so I can continue to type more text in Myriad Pro.


      If the script would just copy the symbol and the font it was created in, paste it where the cursor is position and then change the font back to the default (Myriad Pro), that would be great!

      This is for Design Engineering work to allow engineers to insert GDT symbols into the same textfield as their description is in.


      Can anyone help me with this script?