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    Seeking in SerialElement




      Is there a way to seek into a chapter with serialElement?


      Here is the scenario:


      I've got 1 rtmp steam which is my programme

      The programme was split into multiple MediaElements (let's call them chapters) with the adverts in between them.

      Since the programme is split into multiple MediaElements, only      those MediaElements that have already started playing will report a      duration and will have a SeekTrait. This means that if the first chapter is played and lasts ten minutes,      the SerialElement will report that the duration is ten minutes (forget the ads) and that      it’s not seekable past ten minutes.


      I found some workarounds (hacks) around that to actually play and pause each chapter before I start playback, but that just sounds crazy.


      Is there a way of doing it WITHOUT doing play(), pause() on each chapter?


      There is 1 stream, the metadata about stream lenght is available, so seeking to 31 minute should be pretty straight forward, shouldn't it?