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    Inserting multiple sfw into an exe file - problems


      I have a created an exe file using CS5 Flash, with multiple imports of swf files into the exe. However, the following problems occur:


      1. While the exe file is open, I import a swf file into the main program (exe), and when I wish to close the swf file, it closes BOTH the exe file and swf file. I have made a button to close the swf file, actionscript as follows:

      on (release)


          getURL("FSCommand:quit", true);


      Is this wrong or ok? It does close the swf, but closes the exe file as well, and at the same time, and I do not want that.


      2. While the exe file is open, I import a swf file, and through the opened swf file, I import another sfw file into the existing swf, which is opened in the exe file, and it seems like the first opened swf file disappears or becomes transparent. For importing swf files, the following actionscript was used:


      on (release) {

      loadMovieNum("Les2Alpes.swf", 12);




      Not sure how to explain the problems I am having, but I sincerely hope this what i wrote does make sense.