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    Disabling some "cells" in a datagrid


      Hi everyone:


      i have some problems trying to disable some cells from a row in a datagrid, for example i have a datagrid with two columns like this.


      Header 1Header 2


      and i have to add an event. the event sounds very simple but i dont have idea how to solve this problem.


      when i fill the cell un Header 1 column, the cell in Header 2 column must be disabled in row 1, and vice versa, if i fill fisrt the cell in Header 2, the cell in header 1 must be disabled in row 1.


      and the same for the other rows.


      i try with this code.




      <mx:DataGrid editable="true" draggableColumns="false" width="215" height="245"  x="500" y="51" textAlign="center" styleName="infoFont"  allowMultipleSelection="false" dataProvider="{cp1}">
              <mx:DataGridColumn width="100" activate="false" headerText="Header1" dataField="header1" editorDataField="text">
                  <mx:itemEditor> <mx:Component> <mx:TextInput keyUp="{data.header1=text; outerDocument.deshabilitarCamposGrilla2();}"/></mx:Component></mx:itemEditor>
              <mx:DataGridColumn width="100" headerText="Header2" dataField="header2" editorDataField="text">
                  <mx:itemEditor> <mx:Component> <mx:TextInput restrict="0-9"  keyUp="{data.header2=text; outerDocument.deshabilitarCamposGrilla2();}"/></mx:Component></mx:itemEditor>


      and the function that i call in keyup event.


      public function deshabilitarCamposGrilla2():void{
              var objeto:Object = cp1;
              if (cp1.length > 0 ) {
                  for (var i:int =0 ; i< objeto.length; i++){
                      if(UtilValidation.param(objeto['header2'])) {

                         // THIS DONT WORK
                          objeto['header1'].enabled = false;
                      } else if(UtilValidation.param(objeto['header1'])) {

                         // THIS DONT WORK
                          objeto['header2'].enabled = false;




      PD: Utilvalidation.param its a function that validate if this cell in datagrid have some value. in advance