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    Problem with overwrite and insert keyboard commands

    Bill.Pryor Level 1

      I'm a new user, switching from FCP. I edited one project successfully with no trouble a couple of weeks ago. Now I'm in a second project and having a weird difficulty. Using a pretty new Mac 8 core tower.


      The insert and overlay keyboard commands (comma and period keys) don't work. They still work in the old project but not this one. If I start a new sequence and copy my timeline to it, the commands will work for awhile but ONLY with video, not with the audio tracks. Drag and drop works fine but that really slows me down.


      The clips I'm using are all the same format (H.264 from Canon 5DII and some still photos) as the first project. Only difference in this project is lots of chroma keying and some resizing of background still photos. Nothing unrendered.


      I started a new project just now and imported the problem project into it, started a new sequence, copied old sequence, and I get the same problem. I can drop in video with a keyboard command but not audio. Earlier it was not even doing video. Yesterday when I'd start a new sequence and do the same thing, it would give me video on the keyboard command but then eventually that would stop and it would do nothing. At one point the cursor would move over the width of the clip, as if it had been dropped into the timeline, but then that stopped as well.


      I've trashed preferences and that didn't work. I did that according to a procedure I found online. It said open up PP while holding down the Shift and Option keys. I did that twice. Nothing.


      To summarize: Keyboard commands for overwrite and insert edit do not work in this project but do in an older project.


      Any ideas?



      Bill Pryor