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    Import PP Project into Another PP Project

    Toomany3 Level 1

      Hey guys, I'm looking for some suggestions here. 


      I've impoted millions (or so it seems) of PP projects into other PP projects without too many hicups.  But I've got one now that won't import no matter what.  It just hangs after I select "selected sequence."  On some computers I'm able to at least select the sequence I want to bring in, but it hangs from there.  On other computers I can't even get to that point.


      Here's what I've tried.


      1. Tried 3 different computers
      2. Saved the project with a new file name and tried importing that
      3. Removed all unused clips


      Not really sure what else to try.  Duct tape always works for stuff around the house; is there something like that I can use here?