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    Upgrading to RH9...remove RH8 first or install on top of it?




      Now that Service Pack 9.0.1 addresses the issues with conditional build tags, we have decided to upgrade our RoboHelp version from 8 to 9 to 9.0.1. Our projects use a lot of conditional build tags and version controlled using Sourcesafe. Here are my question.


      • Should I first uninstall RH8 and then install RH9? Or should I install RH9 first and then uninstall RH8?
      • We will be installing RH9 on a Windows XP machine rather than moving to Windows 7. According to Adobe, RH9 works with Windows XP so I am assuming this shouldn't be a problem.
      • Once RH9 is installed, is the process of upgrading the project as simple as just opening the XPJ file with RH9?