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    How do I remove a scrollbar?




      I can't get rid of a vertical scrollbar showing up on my form. It shows up in Firefox, but not Safari. I've tried overflow:hidden on the containing div, but to no avail. Here's the form:




      Any ideas?




      Doug Ward

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          Anatole Matveief Adobe Employee

          Hi Doug,


          Unfortunately this looks like a bug.  The div in question is one of the form pages, which the embedding webpage doesn't have access to, so you probably can't fix it on your end.  We have logged the bug and it is in the process of being fixed.


          The 'good' news, if you can call it that, is that this bug only appears to happens on Mac Firefox.  I tested it on Windows IE, Firefox, Chrome, and on Mac Safari and Chrome, and the scroll bar does not appear.  So depending on how many people you think will be looking at it in Mac Firefox, it may not affect too many people.


          Thanks for reporting this,