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    many framework SWFs slows startup

    eprevot123 Level 2

      Hi all


      I develop a Flex application with PHP server with FlashBuilder 4.5.

      I use FireBug or Chrome developper tool and see the HTTP requests on startup :

      - loads myApplication.php (the wrapper), and some .js : 1,20s

      - loads my main SWF (800KB) and framework.swf - in parallel : 1,30s

      - loads textLayout.swf, rpc.swf, spark.swf - in sequence : 5s


      These 4 flex swf are way too long, how can I speed up this part ?

      Can I avoid using them ? I never see them in Flex websites.

      My site only uses AS3, I don't use Flex components, only use spark Application, could do other way. I use Flex for HTTPRequest but I think I could do other way too. I use Flex project to debug Flex and PHP together, don't know if I can do that with an AS3 project.