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    Incorrect PDF exports in ID CS5.5 with X-1a standard...

    frankly_wtf Level 1

      I'm tasked with troubleshooting technical problems for a group of 20 designers. I've been a designer myself, but not for some time now. However, as a tech support person I deal with CS problems daily, so I'm still pretty versed with the apps. Just to let you know.


      I've installed brand new Mac Pros (12-core Xeon 2.66, 18GB RAM, 1TB mirror, running 10.6.8 v1.1) this week in the department. The old machines had CS4, and had been relatively problem-free, or at least the designers had learned its quirks and had workarounds in place. The old Macs also used Extensis UTC 2, which we upgraded on the new systems to UTC 3.0.1. The machines were fresh installs, but we ran Migration Assistant to pull over the user accounts and settings (but left behind the Applications).


      The first issue we're having has to do with type objects floating around on the page when documents are exported to PDF using X-1a:2001 or 2003, also X-3. If the designer switches to straight High Quality Print, no standards, then the type stays in place. At least we have a workaround for that, but I'm just wondering if this is a bug others are seeing. The type block will shift right about three inches, down an inch in most examples people have brought to me, BUT I've also seen it shift further down; it's semi-random, but often it's over 3", down 1".


      As an FYI, we also had a weird issue where a grayscale PSD clipped file was placed on a page, and would cause half of the rest of the objects not to export to PDF (though JPEG exports were OK). We found that the designer had used Effects on the image from within ID, and if she used any effect which went INSIDE the clipping path, objects dropped out on the export (this includes Inner Shadow, Inner Glow and Emboss). Just thought I'd post that for someone desperately searching for PDF NOT PRINTING ALL OBJECTS IN INDESIGN CS5.5. 


      So, any help with the X-1a export would be appreciated, as this company's primary printer asks for this standard to be used.