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    Search Glossary?

      I'm developing a help system with just a glossary where the user would like to use RoboHelp's search feature to search the glossary. In testing, the search did not bring back any results from the terms in the glossary.

      Does RoboHelp's search look for text in the glossary? Or, will it be necessary for me to create a single topic containing the glossary terms so that we can use the search to find words?
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          Roger N Level 2
          JoanMS -

          Welcome to the forum, and sorry for the delayed response. While RH's glossary feature is nifty, is is meant to supplement the actual help system, and as you have discovered, doesn't avail itself to the search process.

          Perhaps you would be better off with the glossary built as individual topics, or glossary terms separated with bookmarks, or a combination of the two. Perhaps 24 topics pages, each with term for the letters from A to XYZ, and bookmarks for each term.

          You could have them display in a popup-type window. Lots of different ways of going about that, depending on how you want it to look, and behave.